High School Levy Information

             Park City Schools is seeking voter approval for a levy to increase the High School District’s General Fund operational budget.  As noted in earlier articles, our schools have been running basically on the bare minimum for budgets.  Throughout the years the state has provided some inflationary increases and the district has operated on a very conservative budget, which has meant that the district hasn’t had to ask the tax payers for permission to increase the general fund.  The district has been able to function at 81% of budget authority in the high school and 83% of budget authority in the elementary.  Last year the district asked taxpayers for an increase in both the elementary and high school budgets, but it was rejected by the voters. The elementary school budget will hold on its own next year due to retirements and some different budget needs.  The high school, however, is again facing a budget authority from the state that has not kept up with district needs.  In order to make our budget, the district is asking tax payers for a $75,000 levy. 

This will allow the district to maintain operational levels in the high school.  Last year we cut several areas in order for the budget to work, including text books and supplies.  We can’t continue to do that and provide a quality educational experience for students. If the levy fails, there will likely be some program cuts.  The election will take place on May 7 in the high school gym from noon to 8:00 p.m.

Amount asked for $75,000
Approximate Mills Required 16.64 mills
Approx annual impact on $100,000 home $22.47
Approx annual impact on $200,000 home $44.94



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