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School administrators and Prom committee members from Absarokee, Bridger, Park City, Roberts and Fromberg met today and made the collective decision to cancel the 2020 Prom. (Belfry was unable to attend) Unfortunately, due to continuing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus and in compliance with Federal and State directives, including the Governor's request to “Stay Home", we’ve been forced to arrive at this decision. It is with heartfelt regret, but we believe that cancelling the Prom is in the best interest of our students and communities at this time. 


March 30

Elementary packets are available for pick up this morning.  Please bring your student's completed packet from last week and switch out for a new one.  

Chromebooks are still available for checkout. A parent must check them out.  If you have several students at home we are now allowing for a 2nd Chromebook to be checked out.

Parents, please ask your student to show you their Google Classrooms.  It is imperative that parents be involved in this distance learning.  Please follow up with your student to make sure work is being submitted.  Remember it is best to have a daily routine set up for your student.  They need to log in, check announcements, check for assignments, check for daily check in with their teachers, work on their assignments, and submit their work to their teachers.  We do that at school in a rigid set of 7 50 minute time span.  If you can set up a minimum time frame of 3-4 hours at home of school time, it will help. We realize some students will take longer than that and some not quite as long, but a set schedule at home can help the student be more successful.

Breakfast and Lunch for Free and Reduced students is available at the school between the hours of 9-10:30 AM.  If you can't make it during that time, please call the school.

Reminder that the school closure is set through at lease April 10.

March 27 Update

So what does the Governor's Shelter in Place order mean for the school?  Basically we are going to be operating as we have for the past 7 days.  We will be providing an educational system through distance learning.  Teachers and staff still can work at school or from home. If working at school we are observing the social distancing recommendations that have been handed down. please click the red title above for key information about next week

Student Expectations for Online Learning

Please check here for expectations.  This may be updated periodically, so please check back often.

School Levy Information

In the February School Board Meeting, the board of trustees decided to run a general fund levy.  More information can be found if you click on this article link.

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