20-21 School Year FAQ's

There are many questions that have been asked regarding the upcoming school year and how the school will approach the COVID-19 situation.  Following are some answers to the most common questions.  This section will be updated frequently, so please check back often.


  • Are masks going to be required? Yes.  Masks are required for all people aged 5 and older. Classrooms can try to work in mask breaks by going outside or in other approved methods
  • Can my student be exempted from wearing a mask?  As most of you know our school, it is extremely difficult to socially distance people with the 6 feet rule. So we are asking those who can't wear masks to use the opt out version of school, which is distance learning.
  • How can we enforce social distancing? Obviously we can't. With masks, we can avoid many of the problems that come up when folks don't observe social distance rules. We do have dividers to use when students are eating, and we can ask students and staff to keep at least 3 feet between them when eating.
  • What do you do about masks and eating? See answer above. Students can have masks down when eating. We do have to remind students continuously that eating a sucker does not constitute a time of "eating". Students are eating breakfast in their classrooms. K-5 is eating lunch in their classrooms, 6th is in the cafeteria, 7th and 8th are in their classrooms, and if high school is eating at the school, it is in classrooms.
  • What if there is a positive test? We are following state (found in the District Notes section of the school website) the and county health guidelines if there is a positive test. We would consider the following steps to follow.
    • Notify school administration, school nurse and County Health
    • Begin Contact Tracing by looking at family, others in household and send home
    • Check for last time student/staff in school
    • Check seating charts. Check with county health for contact tracing.
    • Superintendent contacts Trustees with notice of positive result and procedure being followed
    • Staff notified of positive result and contact tracing as warranted
    • Any contact tracing that results in the need for quarantine, students are pulled from class and parents are required to pick them up or arrange for immediate transportation home. County health does further follow-up.Staff that needs to be quarantined would be sent home immediately.
    • Superintendent would send out school message of positive result.
    • School would be heavily cleaned in specific areas
    • If multiple cases, grade levels, school, or district could be temporarily shut down for extra deep cleaning
    • If multiple staff cases, school could be moved to distance learning model on a temporary basis.
    • All or individual sports could be rescheduled or canceled.
    • If continued positive cases occur, a recommendation would be made to the Board to consider various other hybrid plans or full distance learning.
  • How will fall sports be run? Look for fall sports updates for the latest info.
  • How will winter sports be run?  We are still working with MHSA on winter sports.
  • How are buses being run? Buses are running on normal routes. All buses have vinyl drapes to separate the seats. All people on the buses are required to wear masks. Students are generally also put into assigned seats. We are using the bus app again so if you need the new code, please contact the school so you can see when the bus is in your direct area.
  • Are visitors allowed in the school. During the school day we are heavily limiting any visitors. All visitors are asked to check in at the front office and they can get further information there.
  • Are students allowed to use the playground? They are. We have worked out a schedule that rotates students to different parts of the playground on different days. Students are also able to use the football field and track with their teachers.


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