Park City Schools OPT OUT

This year our school is providing an opt out plan, allowing parents to opt out of sending their children to school and instead utilizing a distance learning option. Last spring we had all students using distance learning and we as a school were learning as the year continued. The distance learning option this year will more closely resemble the traditional learning model as grades 6-12 students will be expected to log in while the class is actually happening and will need to complete their work the same as the students at school. The younger grades will continue to use a blended platform of packets and scheduled online times.

We are asking that parents make a semester decision of either here or the opt out version, but we will look at those who wish to change during the year on a case by case basis. Teachers are going to be challenged by doing both versions of their classes, and having students bounce in and out would negatively impact our educational process.

The Opt Out form is located in the Student Registration Materials drop down menu.\

Parents of elementary students who opt out will be contacted by their teachers as to how the opt out will be working in their classes. Secondary students will be contacted by their teachers about how each class will work if they have opted out. One big difference this year is that we do not have enough Chromebooks to provide to those who elect to opt out. We have had 80 Chromebooks on back order, 30 of them since March. If and when they arrive, we will be able to provide for those who opt out. If you are looking to purchase a laptop, Chromebooks can be purchased individually at various stores and come with key safety features built in so that you don't have to make extra purchases.

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