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Immunization Updates

Please remember to make sure your school age child is current in his/her immunizations.  You can check your records vs what is required here http://www.parkcityschools.org/userfiles/2/my%20files/montana%20immunization%20form.pdf?id=2477

Call your physician if you are not sure about your child's status.

Sports Physicals

We will not be doing a group trip for physicals this year, so they will be up to individuals to get them taken care of. Here is sports physicals

2020-2021 School Year Info

The goal for the 2021 school year is to have as normal a school year as possible.  Once we are closer to the start, the Office of Public Instruction, the Governor's office, and the County Health department will stipulate certain things that could impact how we operate. Our general thoughts are that we want things to be as normal as possible while being very mindful of student and staff safety and well being. 

An extremely important thing to note is that if students are sick with coughs, stomach aches, any sort of fever, etc., they will NEED TO STAY HOME until symptoms are cleared up.

Thank you to those who filled out the survey for the upcoming year. Here is the draft plan for the upcoming school year.  Please remember that it is a draft plan.  It will be updated as we get closer to school. Some things may change, such as face mask requirements.

Draft Plan


Supply List

K-3 List

4-6 List

New Student Registration

If you are bringing a new student to Park City Schools, including a kindergartener, please fill out the forms that are found on the main page in the middle red banner under Student Registration Materials.