Principal's Message

Janet Southworth
Elementary Principal

Welcome to Park City Schools!

Janet Southworth, Elementary Principal


I’d like to welcome you and your children to Park City Schools.  I have been in education since 1982.  (Probably earlier, since I always wanted to be a teacher and always “practiced teaching” on my siblings!)  I feel like I can truly say that I have gone full circle at Park City.

After graduating from Eastern Montana College in 1982, I moved to Park City and was a substitute teacher in Laurel and Park City.  I was then offered a job in Molt in the spring of 1983, where I taught children in grades K- 2 for three years and then children in K-6 for a year.  What a rich teaching and learning opportunity this was for a beginning teacher!

In 1987 I was offered a first grade teaching position at Park City, in addition to coaching.  While at Park City, I have had the opportunity to teach first grade as well as a year at fourth grade.  Throughout the years I also have had the pleasure of coaching basketball and track at a variety of levels.  Continuing to grow as a professional, I earned my Master’s degree in Special Education at Montana State University – Billings in 1999-2000.  I then pursued my Administrative Endorsement from Montana State University in 2001.  This is my fifteenth year as the Elementary Principal at Park City.

1987 was a long time ago and much has happened since then.  I have had the sincere pleasure of working with great people as well as teaching wonderful children through the years.   In addition to raising my own children as Panthers, Ginny Davidson-Alegria and Ben Southworth; Chris Southworth has been at my side since 1989 supporting me along this path. 

It is truly a joy to have the pleasure of working with so many children and adults through the years.  If I could offer any words of wisdom, I would simply say to love our children and live life with as much joy as you can.  Children are counting on us to love, lead and guide them into being wonderful adults.  Love the children.


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