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Park City Schools is seeking two mill levies for our General Fund operational budgets.  As noted in earlier articles, our schools have been running basically on the bare minimum for budgets.  Throughout the years the state has provided some inflationary increases and the district has conducted fairly conservative budget management, which has meant that the district hasn’t had to ask the tax payers for permission to increase the general fund.  The district has been able to function at 81% of budget authority in the high school and 83% of budget authority in the elementary. Now, however, the district is facing budget cuts from state funding, which means the local taxpayers need to provide more. The district, however, continues to face the reality of inflation. The district is now asking for a  $50,000 increase in both the elementary and the high school budgets.  It would bring the high school and elementary school to 86% of budget authority. 

This will allow the district to maintain operational levels needed as well as bring in a foreign language teacher for our district (which we have not been able to afford for the past 3 years).  This will be possible by not replacing a retiring teacher in the elementary due to a dip in numbers in the last two incoming classes. The junior high and high school have seen a slight increase in numbers.  We are required to have a foreign language in the junior high and have used a band aid approach for the last couple years with an on-line opportunity for students.  But learning a foreign language on line is not optimal.

The District needs to pass both of these levies to provide the best possible educational experience that we can to prepare students for college and the work place.

The election will take place on May 8 in the high school gym from noon to 8:00 p.m.

$50,000 $50,000 $100,000
11.78 mills 11.75 mills 23.48 mills

$100,000 home costs


$100,000 home costs


$100,000 home costs


$100,000 home costs


$100,000 home costs


$100,000 home costs




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