Park City Elementary School began implementation of the Friendly Schools program in January of 2017.  The Friendly Schools Program is designed to improve the culture of schools, emphasizing kindness, acceptance, and caring for each other.  All teachers and support staff have been taking part in ongoing professional development to help with the implementation process.  Our goal is to expand the program into the Junior High and High School in the future.

Lessons on average are directly taught to the students 1-2 times per week.  Along with the lessons are the important aspects of applying those lessons throughout the week via reminders and interventions.  The expectations of the program are used throughout the entire school; including pull-out classes, the lunchroom, and recess. 

Overall, most staff members believe that there has been a noticeable improvement in student behaviors.  As this spring has been a “trial run” for the program, we expect even better results with full implementation next school year.  The staff believes that the lessons within the program are good, with many reporting hearing positive feedback from the students and even a few parents.  The lessons prompt great discussion in small groups about good choices and behavior. 

Our goals for next year to make the program successful include many improvements.  We will be expanding the resources available to staff to help with the actual lessons and activities.  More time will be built into the schedule next year to make sure there is adequate dedication to the lessons.  We also plan to expand the program next school year to include a family component.  This will be done via handbooks and discussion between the school and parents.   

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