Superintendent's Message

Daniel Grabowska
Superintendent, 7-12 Principal

It is hard to believe that we are about done with 1st semester and moving on to 2nd semester after the break.  It has sure been busy here at school with all the activities going on.  Our students have been busy with their classes, projects, and other homework.

It is always important to update you about some of our different classes.  To that end, here are two different subject areas of note.

Over the past two years the Physical Education classes have seen some big changes in what they are doing.  A key goal has been to emphasize lifetime activities that students can carry into life after high school and continue to be active.  Mrs. Cristaldi has students participating in traditional indoor and outdoor activities, as well as special activities like archery, hiking, and special trips for bowling, paddle boarding and kayaking, skiing, fishing/fly fishing, and other activities.  These activities do have a cost involved and we would like to continue so any donations made to the PE department can help defray these costs in the future so students don’t have to pay.

One of our most popular classes in the high school over the past couple years has been our STEM class, taught by Ms. Harpster.  Students see traditional assignments, like balloon powered cars and building bridges out of balsa wood.  They also work with recycled materials, create video games, code and drive Sphero robots, create 3-D projects on the 3-D printers, and other projects based on personal interests. They are also going to work with elementary students on coding.



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