Board of Education

Park City Schools is developing this page to provide key information to the public.  Our School Board information can be found on this page.  The links to the right include Board agendas, minutes, and other key items of information.  The following are the Board goals as developed and reviewed annually.


  1. Communication:  A key focus of the Board is to continue to improve communication between parents, the District and the community as a whole. 
    1. The Board will continue to utilize its website to do the following:
      1. Provide timely information to our constituents.
      2. Teacher, organization,  departmental, and community pages will be used to provide beneficial information
    2. Open communication between Board, staff, students and administration is key to maintaining a positive school and working environment.  The Board will have an annual goal-setting work session and accept feedback from the afore mentioned.
  2. Policy:  The Board will review, develop and maintain policy that guides the curriculum process.
  3. Facilities:  The Board will develop a master plan that incorporates current facilities and properties and our current needs as well as future needs.  This will also include an action plan for the Board to move forward on facility needs.
  4. Finances:  The Board endeavors to approve a budget that helps to provide an outstanding education to our students, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.  The Board will annually review the need for any levies that will make this a reality, including a general fund levy, a technology levy, or a building reserve levy, or building bond.

Board Members