Hearing Screening

Hearing screening is conducted at Park City Schools and is mandated for students in grades K, 1, 9 and 10.  Students in other grades will also be screened if they are new to the school, if they are on the annual hearing recheck list, or if they are referred by the school or parent/guardian.  The initial hearing screening consists of pure tones and may also include immittance screening, which measures the movement of the eardrum by putting positive and negative pressure into the ear canal.  If your child is absent, unable to complete the initial screening, or does not pass the initial screening, they will be referred for a hearing re-screen.  The audiologist will conduct the hearing re-screen, and in addition to the pure tone and immittance screening may also conduct otoacoustic emission screening, which is a measure of cochlear (inner ear) function that does not require the child to respond.

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