newspaperEvery now and then you might want to break away from your computer or mobile device and venture away from our school website...  But how can you keep up with the latest Panther news?  The answer, download and print our monthly newsletters.

Nothing beats a nice cup of hot chocolate, a warm fire and the latest copy of the Panther Link.  Looking to pass the time in a waiting room?  Bring along a copy of our information-packed newsletter. 

Below you'll find links to the latest and archived copies.

 Panther Link  Elementary Newsletters                                     
Panther Link - March-April 16.pdf
Panther Link - January - February.pdf
Panther Link - oct nov 15-16.pdf
Panther Link - August-September 15-16 final.pdf
low cost helmet program.pdf
4-25-16 Newsletter.pdf
Test Taking Information.pdf
4-19-16 Newsletter.pdf
3-27-16 Newsletter.pdf
February Principals Challenge.pdf
3-7-16 Newsletter.pdf
January Paws Club Members.pdf
2-22-16 Newsletter.pdf
January Principals Challenge.pdf
2-15-16 Newsletter.pdf
11-30-15 Newsletter.pdf
10-19-15 Newsletter.pdf
10-5-15 Newsletter.pdf
9-22-15 Newsletter.pdf

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