Last year Park City Schools began to utilize a new app, Parent Portal Lite, that allows you to follow our Park City buses.  The idea behind the app is that parents are able to set up an alert zone so that when one of our buses enters that zone, the parent would receive a notification alert that the bus was in that zone.  For instance, a parent might set up an alert zone that is a half mile from their home.  On a cold morning, the parent could hold their child in the house until the alert notification was received and then send the child out to the bus stop.  Another option is to set up an alert on our activity bus so that a parent is alerted with a notification when the bus is within a certain distance of Park City, such as passing through Laurel or Columbus.

The instructions and code were sent out to bus riders.  If you have not received the code you may call the office.  The instructions can be found here:  Parent Portal Lite

If you have further questions, please contact either Mr. Hogemark, Mr. Gauer, or Mr. Grabowska at the school.


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