Superintendent's Message

Daniel Grabowska
Superintendent, 7-12 Principal

Spring is in the air in Park City.  Spring is a time of growth in nature and it is also a time of growth in our schools.  Our students are eagerly anticipating the longer days and warming weather.  They have definitely had too many days cooped up in the building due to cold or icy playgrounds.  Now we can see them stretching, running, ans socializing at recesses and during lunch break.  Spring sports are also upon us, with student/athletes running, jumping, catching, throwing, hitting, and swinging. 

We also get to see growth in the classroom.  We are just finishing up with our Spring MAP tests, which will help to measure student growth based on a comparison of scores students got on the Fall MAP test.  Parents will get that information this spring.  Teachers will be able to use it to see how they have done with their curriculum.

And we also get to see growth as our students get ready to transition into the next grade or next level of school.  Students will begin to think about the grade they will be moving into next year.  They will begin to think about what classes to take.  Some will begint to think about what college they will be going to, or what branch of the military they will sign up for, or what job they will need to look for. 

All of this growth is a part of the educational system at Park City Schools.  We are so thankful to have your students in our schools.  We have a great group of kids and we are doing our best t provide the best education we can to those students.  We take pride in the fact we are creating Active Learners and Active Leaders.


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