Superintendent's Message

Daniel Grabowska
Superintendent, 7-12 Principal

After a frigid Christmas break, we are ready to begin our second semester at Park City Schools.  Students have signed up for their classes and will be rotating to their new classes in the seondary grades, while continuing with their regular classes in the primary and intermediate grades.  Report cards will be sent home ealry next week.  You will also be receiving your student's MAP test report from our fall testing.  It will have basic infomation on the testing, but you will be able to get more information about it at Parent/Teacher conferences in February.

As the school year continues, we will continue to work to provide the best education possible to our students.  There will be several areas of focus that all tie in to that education.  One will be to continue to build our Friendly Schools program.  This will help students learn key tools in developing friendly relationships with positive actions, positive words, and positive reactions.  We will continue to focus on facility needs.  Our roof will be taken care of this year, but that still doesn't address space issues for classrooms and activities.  We will continue to focus on our budget.  The state continues to face budget shortfalls, which places more of a burden on local taxpayers.  We will continue to balance the fiscal responsibility to our tax base and the educational responsibility to our students. And we will continue to focus on educational opportunities for our students to better prepare them for post secondary life by increasing our dual credit offerings, online opportunities, and work release opportunities.


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