Superintendent's Message

Daniel Grabowska
Superintendent, 7-12 Principal



We have some excellent technology available to students and parents alike so that information is at your fingertips.  You can set up much of this yourself with apps on your smart phones, but you are always welcome to come to the school to get some help with them.


Campus Parent/Campus Student This is the Infinite Campus app that allows you to follow your students grades and lots of other info as noted in this screen shot.  Simply go to the app store of your phone and search for Campus Parent or Campus Student.  If you don’t already have a username and password from going on line to the parent portal, you can check with the school for more info.

parent portal app page


 Stay Connected  This is the app for the school’s website.  It has the ability to push out notices like special announcements, weather delays or closures, etc.  Go to your app store and search for School Pointe and download the Stay Connected app. Here is example of calendar info.

school website app picture


Edulog  This is our bus app that allows parents to set notifications for their student route bus to let them know when the bus is within a certain range.  It also allows for parents to know when field trip or sport trip bus returns are near to the school.  Go to your app store and download edulog.  You will need to contact the school for a school code.

bus locator app picture






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