Valentine Fundraiser Last Updated: 1/27/2021 12:05 AM

Annual Valentine Sale


A friendly reminder from your Park City FCCLA chapter – We are conducting our annual Valentine fundraiser. Money raised will help us attend our virtual state leadership convention in April

Order forms will be sent home and are available on the link below. You can return the order form with payment to Brenda at the high school office, Tara at the elementary office or return it with your student to give to their teacher.

Wednesday, February 10th is the final day to guarantee orders given to the office.  We will have a table display and be available to take orders at the Parent-Teacher Conferences February 8-9. Orders will be delivered on Friday, February 12. 

We will again have a supply of cards and envelopes available at the main office for those interested in writing your own message and attaching to your order to be delivered with your order.

Some choices have limited items and will be accommodated as supplies last in the order received. There are a few changes this year.  Due to CoVid we cannot sell our Rice Krispy Hearts dipped in Chocolate or the Heart shaped M&M chip cookie.  We have tried to substitute some individually wrapped items. 

Please help support FCCLA and make someone’s day special at the same time. We appreciate your support of this wonderful student organization.

Thank you!

Park City FCCLA Members    


ITEMS FOR SALE  rose bowlrosecarnation

  • Carnations and/or Roses


  • Valentine Ding Dong      DingDong




Image result for Valentine fuzzy friends"

hanging monkeys

Stuffed Toy     






  • Balloons - Small Heart-Shape on a Stickballoons


  • Valentine Chocolate

Cuddly Cutiescomic hearts

  • Valentine Gourmet Popcorn Cone (Limited supply)rice crispyPopcorn
  • Valentine Jelly or Swirl PopSwirl Pops    
  • Pre-packaged Rice Krispy Bar (also in caramel)


  • 2 Pencils
  • Singing Telegram



Place your order by Wednesday, Feb. 10th
Orders will be delivered Friday A.M., Feb. 12