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A Welcome Letter From Your Superintendent

September Note from the office of Dan Grabowska

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3D Printers in Park City Schools

Through grants, vocational funding and the tech levy, Park City has been able to purchase two 3D printers for our schools.  One is housed in Ms. Harpster's class and the other in Ms. Hanson's class.  3D printers have been around for quite a while, but have just recently become affordable for schools.  At this point we are usnig them only for the students that have those teachers, but we will be able to expand their use throughout the year.  There are several key reasons for utilizing 3D printers in school:



One of the most important things we as a school can do is to provide a safe environment for our students to learn.  We are always striving to provide the safest environment possible, but we also realize that we are not always successful.  We have utilized MBI for a number of years and we have seen some good success with it in a decrease of bad behaviors and an improvement in our school climate.  We have recently decided to utilize a new program to supplement MBI.  That program is Friendly Schools.

Facilities Survey

The following link is a survey regarding facilities planning for Park City Schools.  The survey is set up by providing you with some information and then asking for some questions. Please go through the survey and if you have further questions use the last question to note those. 


2016-2017 School Calendar

Here are some links for college, financial aid and ACT prep.



ACT PREP  Make sure you scroll through the entire document for multiple links.


NHS is promoting webinars on the College Application Process and Financial Cost and Aid.  Click on the following for more information and the links to the webinars:  NHS PAGE

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