Seniors Homecoming week Homecoming Royalty dressed in togas 2017



Starting Tuesday, September 22, the district will provide free meals to ALL STUDENTS, and all children residing in the district aged 0-18.  The USDA has granted Park City Schools the ability to provide meals to all children under 18 meals free of charge. Breakfast and lunch will be served to all students at school. If your child is at home for home school, or because they have opted out this semester, or are too young to attend, you may pick up a meal at DOOR 5 at 12:15 PM. You will be receiving a lunch as well as a breakfast for the following day. Students are allowed one breakfast and one lunch.  Extra meals will be charged at full price.

Volleyball District Tournament Signups

Please sign up here for the volleyball tournament. With the district tournament, the players are allowed 4 fans to sign up and coaches get 2. The same 4 people will be locked in for the whole tournament, as we are unable to switch people between different games.


Football Playoff Sign Up for Saturday, Oct 31 vs Ekalaka

Each player is allowed 6 tickets to the game. Each Coach is allowed 2 tickets. Each Cheerleader is allowed 2 tickets. All spectators must be signed up prior to Saturday. You may not sign up at the game. Please fill in the information below so we can have our list completed by Wednesday. Families need to have first priority when signing up.



Instructions for NFHS Code

If you have an NFHS Code from the School, here are the instructions:

Instructions for setting up NFHS Network with a code:


  1. Create an account on
  2. Click this link:
  3. Enter your code
  4. Click “Redeem Code”
  5. Click the blue “Sign In” button (see image below)
  6. Sign in with your Username and Password
Information Regarding Facilities Plans

Here is a video of the land that a new school would be built on. The school already owns the 20 acres where this could happen.


Property Video 2


Please excuse the shaky video but this is an example of the route from the current school to where the new school will be built.



Click title or read more to see entire article.

Here are some updates for our Fall Sports. Masks are required at all home and away games unless notified differently. We will not be serving concessions, so bring your own snacks. If you have purchased the family pass of $200, you will receive a code for the NFHS network that will be good for a calendar year from August 28.  Contact the high school office for the code.  If you have not purchased it, you still have time. Any codes I have left after the family passes will be sold for $50. Login info is below.

Football:  Fans will be able to attend our home games so far without limitations. Masks are required and we ask for social distancing between people and/or family groups. Please use the east end gate (closest to the school). Away games may be limited to 50 visiting fans-each games limits will be announced.

Volleyball: Seating will be limited for volleyball games to approximately 50 for the home team and 50 for visiting teams. There will be a sign up on the website for this. Again masks are required.