Facilities Update 6/17

Even though it doesn't really look it, as noted at the board meeting on Monday night, there is progress being made. When working with an older structure, things tend to pop up. In this case we are waiting to add some supports to the front garage door area so we can safely use it. Once that gets designed the siding will go up, the support will be added and the garage door will be put in. Then the Sprung structure will be put in and we will get the electric, heat, and plumbing finished. As a note, the levy for this does not kick in until the fall of 2024 as we ran the levy after mills had been set for the 2023-2024 year.

Facilities Update 5/20

Currently we are awaiting the metal to face the front of the standing building. We need to also do some support repairs and change out a door. We will be prepping the concrete slab next week. And then once those things are ready, we are expecting the Sprung Structure to go up. Progress-it may be slow, but it is moving forward.

Facilities Update 4/10

As has been the norm with our project, we had to deal with some more delays. At this point the trees are scheduled to come down on 4.12 and the demo will start on 4.19.

Facilities Update 3.15.24

We have agreed to cut some trees that will make it easier to do the demo and to put up the building. That will happen as soon as the arborists are available. The first part of the demo will be the roof with a hand demo team, and then the rest will follow.

Facilities Update 3.10.24

We finally had our cement cutters on site and they made the cuts needed to help separate the front and back buildings.  Demo should start by the end of the week. 

Facilities Update 2.29.24

As many of you have probably already noticed and likely grumbled about, our Agriculture program is still sequestered in the modular across from the ag building. The impatience of our ag students wanting to get into the shop and do the projects they have traditionally done is palpable and unfortunate. Regrettably, we have been caught up in a cycle of labor shortage, weather delays and spec issues.

The front part of the ag building has been ready to be taken down since December, when we had all utilities, fire, and wireless turned off or moved to the back of the building. At that point we were to have the first phase of the building removal happen. Between labor shortages for the companies we had on line and/or them landing bigger jobs or other excuses, we kept getting pushed back. Some of the specs for the new building then needed an engineering report, and so that created a delay. And then we had winter decide to show up, which caused more delays. We have changed up our demo company, and have a date for demo to start March 7. 

This is another example of where being a part of the county’s hard rock mining impact plan would have made a big difference as mitigation efforts could have started much earlier or alternative plans could have been developed.