water bottle

We are continuing to use bottled water in our schools this spring, but we are hoping to be on a new water system by the start of next year. On April 20 I was able to provide testimony to the State of Montana Infrastructure Committee and to thank the DNRC for their ranking of us and recommendation for us to receive ARPA funds for our water system. The Infrastructure approved the DNRC recommendations on over $270,000 to go towards our water system That grant, matched with ARPA funds that the county had already been awarded for this project (a total of approximately $400,000), should take care of the project without the school having to ask taxpayers for $ .  We are now awaiting the Governor's stamp of approval once the ARPA funds are actually transferred to the state.  We are planning to punch a new well for the school at the football field and treat and pipe the water to the school. At that point we will stop using the current well.