September 7

Ballots are in the mail for our special bond election to build a 7-12 school and to do some updates on the current facility. Remember that there are 2 questions: 

Do you approve of a $9,425,000 30 year bond in the high school district? 


Do you approve of a $5,075,000 30 year bond in the elementary district?

Both of these bonds would need to be passed for this project to go through. The information below explains what all is being asked for.

These are some of the reasons we are running the bonds for a new facility: 

This is a video that shows what our locker rooms look like:

August 15, 2022

On July 19 the School Board voted to run a special bond election for our new facility.  The election will be by mail ballot and will be mailed out on September 7 with a return no later than September 27. 

The cost of this plan has been cut down to a total of $14,500,000 ($9,425,000 in the high school and $5,075,000 in the elementary).  On a 30 year bond, that would equate to an estimated annual tax on $100,000 assessed value of residential property of $210.76, or $421.52 on a $200,000 assessed value.

So what is different on this plan as compared to last spring?

· Classrooms remain the same size as the original.

· A smaller gym that would seat 640 and have two locker rooms-no visitor locker rooms, no weight room, no referee locker room.

· The kitchen would be a warming kitchen. All meals will continue to be cooked at the current school building.

· No shared classroom space, music room decreased in size.

· No greenhouse for the agriculture program.

· Only the northern portion of the building will have paved parking for buses. The other parking will be gravel.

· There will still be a new security entrance at the front of the current school.

· Modular classrooms will be removed and the playground will be enlarged.

· There will be minor classroom upgrades like lighting and paint.

· There will not be any modifications to the kitchen/cafeteria or library.

· Total square footage decreased 6,035 SF to a total area of 39,985 SF