For over a year now, I have reported through newsletters, public meetings, the school’s website, and social media that our school has continued to look at the immediate facility needs of the district and to develop a plan that takes that into account as well as how it would affect the district long term.  The biggest areas of need include our agricultural classroom and shop, our science classrooms/labs, and some dedicated computer/math classrooms.  We need to move our modular classrooms into regular building classrooms that are larger, more educationally friendly and more energy efficient.  We need to expand our kitchen. And we need a gym with new locker rooms and a weight room.

Through the different public meetings, facilities committee meetings and board meetings, we have come up with a solid plan to address our facility needs for the long term. We have continued to communicate our needs, but our requests from our constituents for financial support to address those needs has been repeatedly denied.  Much of our needs can be found by watching this video:                      

             Currently the front two thirds of our agriculture facility that houses a classroom and wood shop has been deemed unsafe due to crumbling cement walls. We are holding a majority of our classes now in the back third of the building which will put limitations on our program this year.  We have been told by two different structural engineers that the fixes to the building to continue using it are very expensive. Our facilities committee will explore the different options for that part of our school.