Park City Schools saw the return of our Winter concerts for the elementary, junior high and our high school students. Between losing our music teacher a couple years ago and Covid, we went a couple years without any concerts. Mrs. Olson put together some very nice programs for our students to showcase what they have been learning during the first semester of school.

Our stands were packed on December 8 for the elementary concerts. As our gym is small, we had to break up the elementary into two separate concerts that night. The kids did a wonderful job singing and playing their instruments.

On December 15 we held our junior high and high school concerts. Our students did a nice job of playing up a grade level when necessary to help fill out the sound. Again we had a full house that enthusiastically listened to both the high school choir and the different bands. All of the concerts played a mix of regular music and holiday music.

The music program continues to grow and to learn. You will be able to listen to them again this spring at their concerts with dates yet to be set. You can also hear some of our junior high and high school students exciting the crowds at upcoming basketball games with their pep band.